Group or Personal Spa

Personalized Pampering at Home

WitGroup Spa Party in home spa party with Spa With Friendsh a Personal Spa or Group Spa Retreat, you can share with friends OR, keep the pampering all to yourself!

Spa treatments are no longer indulgent luxuries for the rich and famous or once-in-a-lifetime treats.

Enjoyed in a group setting, share “me time” with your favorite friends & giggle like school girls.

The following treatments are included for ALL guests with your at-home spa retreat:

  • Hand Softening Treatment
  • Lip Treatment
  • Customized Facials
  • Spa Foot “Sauna”
  • Our Famous Relaxation Session

Special Personal Spa and Group Spa package pricing:

Ultimate Diva

$40 per person
4 person minimum includes:
  • Head to toe treatments for everyone as listed above
  • Addition of a charcoal Face Masque for everyone

Have it Your Way

$25 per person
6 person minimum includes:
  • Head to toe treatments for everyone as listed above
  • Addition of a warming face masque for everyone

Among Friends

$19 per person
8 person minimum includes:
  • Head to toe treatments for everyone as listed above
Please review our policies under the tab entitled¬†“The Spa Experience”

Feel like being alone or with a few close friends while experiencing true peace and quiet?

Why waste a spa experience by getting back in your car only to immerse yourself with outside stresses? A personal spa at your home cuts out the stress.

One call to Spa with Friends and your home becomes your refuge. Spa with Friends brings the luxury of a day spa to the privacy of your home. Shut out the rest of the world, imagine one hour of special attention and pampering lavished solely on you. Your mind is calm & clear, your body is rejuvenated. Your skin is glowingPersonal at home spa and pampering with Spa with Friends. Don’t get up. We’ll see ourselves out.

Private one-on-one hourly sessions begin at $50.

Be Good To Yourself….You Deserve to be pampered with a Personal Spa by Spa with Friends!

Other Spa with Friends options:

  • Personalized makeovers
  • Wardrobe consultations
  • We’re only limited to our imagination!

Complete today and we’ll be in touch soon!!

telephone number

Call 402-630-8863 today for your exclusive appointment with an anti-aging specialist, make-up artist, skin care expert or other beauty guru!

One example of how Spa with Friends is different:..

Your Spa with Friends experience is not a home-based ‘party’. Those events are free and there is a high expectation for guests to purchase products. That is how the host earns free gifts & discounts and how the consultant makes money.

With Spa with Friends, there is no solicitation or obligation for purchase of any products. We are strictly there to bestow pampering, reduce stress & provide a fun, relaxed environment. You are simply paying for the pampering experience and that is how our spa associates are compensated & reimbursed for their time and the products they have used for your treatments. Through self-application, your hands, feet, face & lips will feel like you’ve just spent $100 or more at a regular day spa!

You gather the people, we deliver the spa!