Princess and Tweens

Having a Princess Spa or Tween Spa party in your home to celebrate your favorite Princess or Tween is the perfect way to party with friends!  We bring the party to you…. the pampering, the FUN!!

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Princess Spa Birthday Party

Invite your Princess’ Best Friends and Ladies in Waiting for a spectacular fun-filled 1-hour Spa Party.  We tailor your experience as you envision and each guest will be royally treated.  Choose from 2 packages:

  • A traditional head-to-toe Spa pampering,
  • Glam make-overs,
  • Glitzy nail polish for fingers and toes.

Any of these royal treatment are perfect for the little girl who loves to dress up and be in style!

$25 per attendee (minimum of 6 girls plus the Princess)

Tweens and Teens Spa Retreat

Spa with Friends brings the glamour to your Tween or Teens Spa Birthday Party! This is a great option to kick off a sleepover Birthday Extravaganza. You can spa in your Jammies!

This 1-hour spa includes hand softening treatments, foot “sauna” pedi, facial and moisturizing lip treatment!  Your daughter and her friends will learn some skincare basics while also relaxing and enjoying the pampering.  If it’s an afternoon party & your group is going out on the town later,  upgrade and add make-up for a glam night out!

$25 per attendee (minimum of 6 girls plus the Birthday girl)

Special Occasions and Events


What a great way to celebrate a special occasion — a spa party!  This package is perfect for a Sweet 16 Party, the wonderful Quincenterra Pre-Party, or just a Way to Go party for one of life’s other milestones.

We will tailor this spa package to meet your vision and your celebrant’s dreams.

Gifts for All Occasions

Nothing says “You are Special” like a Spa with Friends spa retreat or personal in-home spa package!

Gift certificates can be created for specific spa packages, shopping sprees, and services. You choose the denomination, and we’ll provide the options.

These personal, cherished gift options are available by phone or email to ensure fast delivery for that special moment. Call us today at 402.630.8863 or email [email protected].

Teen at home spa party for birthday party event with Spa with Friends

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