Corporate Spa Package and Office Spa Party

Customize Your In-Office Retreat

Spa with Friends has been selected to de-stress associates at Marriott Worldwide Reservation Center, CBSHOME Mortgage, US Bank and patients at Brookstone Meadows with our Corporate Spa packages. Smart managers know that employees who feel valued and appreciated out-perform expectations. Happy employees mean greater loyalty and lower turnover rates.

Our specialty is creating customized packages that fit any budget or group size. While we’re pampering your employees, we’re singing your praises & reminding your team how lucky they are to be working for such smart managers!

Because we are committed to customizing every package to best serve the needs of our client, we do not have an itemized menu… there are infinite possibilities. We encourage you to give Sue Strampe a call at 402-630-8863 and describe your situation and your ideal vision of what you’d like to accomplish. Sue will work within your budget to create a package that fits your goals.

Corporate Spa Events

Corporate spa

That said, here are examples of Spa with Friends packages we’ve delivered for our clients.

When our corporate clients are looking for a way to reward employees or get a team focused to tackle a tough project, or even boost morale through education on strategies employees can use to manage stress, they know Spa with Friends delivers the mini-retreat they need.

We understand the constraints of the corporate environment, so our pampering remains professional, gender-neutral, and safe for all comfort levels. We can transform any meeting room into a spa oasis or can pamper employees right at their desks. Whatever works best for each client is the package we deliver.

While we care for your employees, we remind them how much you value and appreciate their hard work, dedication, and loyalty.

Here’s a glimpse of the kind of packages we can arrange. You can create your Spa with Friends experience by selecting some or all of the treatments delivered directly to your office:

  • Aroma and music therapy
  • Mini upper-back massages
  • Deluxe hand treatments are perfect for those who work with a lot of paper, cardboard, or fabric and especially for those who wash their hands frequently
  • Special attention for those suffering from tension headaches or migraines
  • Relaxing aromatherapy cooling treatment to alleviate eye strain
  • Moisture treatment to soothe dry lips
  • Calming, guided relaxation that involves visualization and breathing exercises

Package One: Serious Relaxation!

  • Our team provides undivided attention and focused pampering for your employees.
  • Overall time is approximately three hours, taking groups of 10 people at a time for 20 minutes per group.
  • This package is only $10 per person!
  • We encourage you to add to the fun with door prizes and raffle items. This great team-building experience is sure to increase productivity and boost morale.

Package Two: Spread the Joy!

Our team focuses all of its attention on up to 20 people for 60 minutes during your Office Spa Retreat or Corporate Spa Event.

  • $175 group rate includes a special leave behind gift from Spa with Friends to continue the pampering long after we’ve left the building.

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